About Grammar Checker

You can use this website to check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Grammar Checker is intended for the English language and supports American, British, Canadian, Australian, and Indian English. On this page, we detect your dialect according to the language settings set in your web browser.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does Grammar Checker work?

Grammar Checker uses the Grammarly Text Editor SDK to surface grammar, spelling, and punctuation suggestions.

How do I know if Grammar Checker is working?

If the Grammarly button appears in the bottom-right corner of the text area, the site is working!

Help! It's not working!

At this time, Grammar Checker does not support mobile devices and only supports traditional mouse and keyboard setups.

Help! It's still not working!

For more help or additional questions, please reach out to @andrewdimola, the site's owner.

Do you support [Light / Dark] mode?

Yes! This site renders according to your browser and system preferences.

You have a spelling mistake on your site!

grammr is spelled wrong intentionally 🙂

Where can I Iearn how to build a site like this one?

Read my article: How to add the Grammarly SDK to Google Sites.